We are a third-party warranty provider performing onsite services for a multitude of I.T. related demands. 

At T and D Technologies we are truly committed to delivering prompt and courteous service with a professional approach. We do this by providing qualified, knowledgeable technicians, for all service requests. Our staff works as a team in order to fully understand the technological needs of each request and to ensure that we consistently present customized, ideal solutions for each case. 

We would like to provide our services to you and your customers, and invite you to contact our offices to discuss your needs and allow us to tell you more about how T and D Technologies can provide the exact service you need and deserve!

Please contact us today! 

office: 512.791.2317
fax: 866.262.2485
mobile: 901.230.3783

Our goal is to focus on managing our clients’ technological needs with a unique approach through a network of experienced technicians with one simple and single mission:

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